The Illinois Antitrust Act is another example of state legislation that mirrors the federal criminal antitrust provisions. Prohibiting anticompetitive conduct such as price fixing and market allocation schemes, the state statute complements the Sherman Act and violations can be prosecuted alongside federal charges. This gives federal prosecutors added ammunition, as they are able to threaten the recommendation of state prosecution in pushing for a plea agreement.

Defendants are rarely if ever able to negotiate the best possible deal with prosecutors on their own behalf. This is one reason why it is so important to retain professional counsel if you find yourself the subject of an indictment or target of an investigation pertaining to the antitrust statutes. The Parkman White, LLP firm can help if you are charged with an antitrust violation in Illinois, whether it be in Chicago, East St. Louis, Benton, Springfield, Peoria, Rockford, or any place in between. As a national defense firm, Parkman White, LLP has trial experience in Illinois state courts, and offers rare expertise in the field of criminal antitrust law.