Each policy-making agency of the US government comes with an enforcement arm to ensure its policies are enforced. 15 USC 25, for example, makes it the duty of US Attorneys to ensure that violations of the antitrust statutes are prosecuted. The biggest contributor of leads for investigations is the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates most commerce activity in the US. The FTC is uniquely positioned to detect anticompetitive conduct, and regularly refers cases to the Antitrust Division for further investigation and prosecution. Other agencies that enforce the antitrust laws include:

  • Secretary of Transportation (if the commerce activity is related to air carriers)
  • Federal Communications Commission (if the radio or wire communications industry is involved)
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (if collusion is suspected among banks or trust companies)
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (in the case of collusive drug cartels)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Securities Exchange Commission
  • Federal Trade Commission

If any of these agencies have contacted you, in regards to being the target of an investigation or a witness relating to an ongoing investigation, it is prudent to retain professional legal counsel as soon as possible.